Table of Contents:

1. Introduction

2. Inspiration

3. Project Vision

4. The Ecosystem

5. Availability

6. Financial Digital Asset ecosystem (Business Development)


The HBCU(R)® Coin is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) organization whose essential operations are automated agreeing to rules and principles assigned in code without human involvement. The purpose of the HBCU(R)® Coin is to begin to rebuild and heal those affected by the history that displaced an entire group of humans we know today as African Americans. We will give content on the history that have come from slavery, and touch on accessible information for those who may want to learn more about those details in American history as a tool to learn from. Also, we will embark on our journey as an organization to look at things from an innovative perspective for today and the future. America has individuals that are working diligently to change policies and create laws that would address the impact that slavery caused in America through reparations.

Through the cryptocurrency ecosystem we intend to create individuals who can and will:

• Join the worthy cause of reparations and empowerment to those who have been affected by slavery and those who have supported the cause of ending it.

• Earn/mine new coins without any dependence on any node. Independence means that each user has its own earning capabilities and close contact means a convenient way of communication between related parties.

• Be a part of a global currency structure and earn HBCU(R)® coin at the tap of a button on their smartphone.


The pandemic has given us a global view of how we can come together for a purpose behind an event that caused tragedy within families, governments, businesses, economics, politics, and religions. This has also set a clear indication that with slavery and reparations, certain tragedies in America will not be addressed with the same sense of urgency. So instead of settling with no proper closer, we rather work on new innovative solutions, and put the accountability into the hands of the people who have been affected by slavery in America directly by being the descendants of slaves; as well as the people who were not affected by ancestry but agreed that this timeline in American history was and is a terrible atrocity that is long overdue for correction and compensation.

The project and mission are to create a crypto and token coin for all Historically Black Colleges and Universities both past living alumni as well as the currently enrolled students in the present. Those who support the movement of reparations for slavery and acknowledges the sacrifice that was made to have the right to become re-educated and having our freedom, justice, and liberties in our new home of America. The coins application will show how we can create our own way of healing as African American people, then next as a nation of The United States of America. Spreading the message of support of the mobile application to family, loved ones, friends, and associates, then empowering those who have experience similar impacts of slavery and social injustice globally. Without creating war or negativity amongst others in the process, this positive innovation of love for ourselves and others, will continue to support and grow. We know how important education is and has been in America, in our past there was a fear of who could have, keep, and control the knowledge and wisdom that would be developed into industries, economies, and educational leadership in America. Through persistence to have these freedoms reinstated, this led to the most important freedom of all, the re-education of African Americans. This would lead African Americans towards inclusion and to have a voice that was long lost from days of arriving in bondage. Many stories were told and picked up along the way as this journey unfolded, of those who assisted from all walks of life, nationalities, and backgrounds. Overtime working towards freedom for African Americans to have a right to be educated and liberated, then all people regardless of the Societal class, sex, religion, and/or race supporting the same cause.

Moving forward, the value built through the support for our project will focus on more solutions, in technology, green energy, robotics, and innovation. We want to build this crypto to be a token of all we do and every person, to every company that we gain support from will lodge that support by accepting this crypto currency one day, in trade of value and in commerce.

Project Vision:

Technical Architects:

Our core team is composed of several seasoned software developers specializing in mobile technologies, blockchain technologies, cryptographies, and volunteers. All our developers support our cause of reparations and empowerment to those affected by slavery.

The initial development of the project is founded by Mr. Steven Coleman, an HBCU alumni and the project will be looking to draw further sponsorship via multiple channels including but not limited to direct investment, VC funding, Coin sale and so on.

Our project is committed to utilizing blockchain technology to establish an open internet platform and an ecosystem of Dapp (decentralized application). We aim to make this project a global ecosystem where a user can be a consumer and an earner at the same time.

User Development Phases.

Phase 1: from 0 to 1 million users. This phase will be an invite only journey where a user will be able to invite other friends and family to this ecosystem. We have setup an invite code verification system on the app to prevent unauthorized use of the ecosystem.

Phase 2: from 1 million users to 10 million users. To ensure the optimum utilization of resources, we will introduce a verification system for every new user in this phase. Dormant accounts with inactivity for over 3 months will be sent notifications so that active users dedicated to our cause can keep growing with the platform.

Phase 3: In the journey from 10 million users to 100 million users or more, our aim would be to expand the ecosystem so that the users can get the maximum value for their HBCU(R)® coins through various deals and discount offers provided by African-American owned businesses.

We will be looking to partner with African-American owned businesses in all genres which in turn can increase the footfall for their business as well as grow the HBCU ecosystem to a complete earn-spend-earn ecosystem.
The identity verification will be taken to a much advanced level where users will be subjected to activity reviews periodically to prevent misuse of the whole ecosystem.

Economic Model

The HBCU economic model is built upon the following principle:

As a new cryptocurrency with vast potential yet unknown to the mass public, we at HBCU hope that we as a community can serve everyone who has been affected in the slightest by slavery, and we hope that we can start the reparations with the aim to empowering the affected.

Value generation

To make the currency valuable, we have designed the network to only consist of invited users which can in turn expand to a complete ecosystem of earn and spend.

The Ecosystem:

How does HBCU Community work?

There are two main roles in HBCU ecosystem – Community Member, and Guide. Every user will start as a community member and for every user invited on the application, they will serve as a guide.

How will the app work for you as a community member?

How will the app work for you as a guide?

Every guide will be an active community member who has invited another user to the application. An HBCU Guide can refer new community member to join their team where they can also interact with other team members (one to one chat will be released in upcoming phases).

For every active earning community member, the referring guide will also earn a small amount per hour to acknowledge their role in expanding the HBCU community. Guides on the application will be rewarded with an additional earning of base rate * 20% x (number of active miners in your earning team). So, the key to earning more HBCU(R)® coin is to earn and refer new users to join your earning team as much as possible when the base rate remains high.

What will be your earning potential?

Users will have an unlimited earning potential until there is supply of coin available. Early HBCU players will have an advantage to earn more coins as the base rate per hour as an earner will be reduced when the total user base is grown to 100,000, 1 million, 10 million and a 100 million. Hence, it is always important to get started now before the base rate is decreased.


The total availability of HBCU(R)® will be 900 million available on the platform. The distribution of the currency under the ecosystem will be as follows:

Financial Digital Asset ecosystem (Business Development plans for the company of HBCU)

The value generated from the platform will be utilized as per the following structure: