One currency to "Rebuild, Heal & Empower"

"The purpose of the HBCU Coin is to begin to rebuild and heal those affected by the history that displaced an entire group of humans we know today as African Americans. We will not focus on the problem that has come from slavery, there is enough freely accessible information for those who may want to learn more about those details. Rather, we will embark on our journey to look at things from a different perspective. America does have individuals that are working diligently to change policies and create laws that would address the impact that slavery caused in America through reparations."

Decentralized Ecosystem

Anyone can earn HBCU coin from anywhere. All you need is a smartphone and you can start earning!

Fair Game For Everyone

We support equality and there are no biases. The more you use the platform, the more you earn!

Exciting Game Experience

You won't need any technical knowledge to earn. Just a tap of a button on your HBCU crypto app and you will start earning. As simple as that!