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Digital currencies continue to evolve, and we seek to contribute our revolutionary ideas to the world of digital currency. The HBCUR coin is not merely decentralized but also an autonomous token system. Decentralization ensures that your tokens are not placed under a single server structure, where it is vulnerable to government regulations or cyber manipulation. In contrast, autonomy ensures that it operates based on automated agreeing rules and principles assigned with codes without human intervention. Our primary target is to rebuild and heal victims of morbid history, African Americans, through digital finance innovations.

This project token is a decentralized peer-to-peer digital financial platform created under an open source license, integrating built-in-cryptocurrency, decentralized market place and end-to-end encrypted messaging to ensure utmost privacy of your transactions.

Our project will also give credence to history, providing accessible information on the history of slavery, considering both current and future dynamics, while also complementing the efforts of diligent individuals working on policies and laws that would address the impact of slavery through reparations.


HBCU Coin token: How this project works:

HBCU Coin token is built on a decentralized ecosystem, where every participant can earn the token simply by using a smartphone. The idea is built on fairness and equality for all participants within the ecosystem; users who use the platform more frequently would earn more tokens. This project also saves you the stress of avoiding market volatility and the technicalities of other cryptocurrency platforms. We have a user-friendly interface that allows you to earn just by tapping a button on your HBCU crypto app, and It is as simple as that.


There are two main roles in the HBCU ecosystem – Community Member and Guide. Every user will start as a community member, and for every user invited on the application they will serve as a guide.

How will the app work for you as a community member?

How will the app work for you as a guide?

Every Guide will be an active community member who has invited another user to the application. An HBCU Guide can refer new community members to join their team where they can also interact with other team members (one to one chat will be released in upcoming phases).

For every active earning community member, the referring Guide will earn a small amount per hour to acknowledge their role in expanding the HBCU community. Guides on the application will be rewarded with an additional earning of base rate of 20% x (number of active miners in your earning team). So, the key to making more HBCU(R) coins is to earn and refer new users to join your earning team as much as possible when the base rate remains high.

What will be your earning potential?

Users will have an unlimited earning potential until there is the supply of coins available. Early HBCU players will have the advantage to earn more coins as the base rate per hour as an earner will be reduced when the total user base is grown to 100,000, 1 million, 10 million, and 100 million. Hence, it is always essential to get started before the base rate decreases.


The HBCU economic model is built upon the following principle:

As a new cryptocurrency with vast potential yet unknown to the mass public, we at HBCU hope that we as a community can serve everyone who has been affected in the slightest by slavery, and we hope that we can start the reparations with the aim to empower the involved.

Our business model envisages granting coin tokens to all participants that mine them without dependence on any node. Independence from nodes means that each user has their own earning capabilities. We would maintain close contact within the ecosystem, granting participants a convenient way to communicate with each other. Users will be able to mine by tapping on the mining icon on the crypto token application. The app is designed by top-notch developers that ensure its simplicity and user-friendly interface; after that, we will add more functionality that will be remarkably easy to use, and attention will be given to the user’s experience. 

Since inception, we have grown rapidly and are now nearing100, 000 participants within the ecosystem. Our model is open to innovative offerings, and we plan to launch the token wallets and KYC user platform. We are also flexible to more innovative renderings, and added POS to our POW platform technology.


We aim to provide crypto and token to all Historically Black Colleges and Universities, both past living alumni and the currently enrolled students in the present, with wealth management products typically offered by financial platforms and which no other digital Fintech is providing. We would also give credence to those who support the movement for reparations for slavery and acknowledge the sacrifice that was made to have the right to become re-educated and have our freedom, justice, and liberties in America. We would pursue this vision without creating any hate or negativity among others; non-african Americans who share in our dream and purpose can also come along within the ecosystem. It is also our vision that education transits into knowledge used to build industries, economies, and educational leadership; therefore re-education of African Americans will be one of our investment priorities.

Our project has been launched, and we have made major strides in the following aspects:



Our primary targets are African Americans, and we won’t hesitate to offer our innovations to other community members who also believe in our vision. The current cryptocurrency landscape had never targeted correcting historical cruelty and making conciliation via digital investment, and this is our unique project offering.

Our target location is worldwide, with users emerging from all countries where we have participants who believe in the need to reconcile historical realities on slavery and subjugation and comply with regulatory measures. Existing users of established platforms will be targeted while we offer more competitive rates built on a passion for equality without hurting anyone or group all along. HBCU will also target traditional investors who are reluctant to join the digital crypto market due to its volatile nature, and our easy user interface will help calm their fears.


Our project is set to surpass other crypto token projects. We are not in direct competition with most the existing platforms as we have different goals, visions, and directions. Profit is not our main motivator. As stated earlier, reconciliation of history, healing of historical pains, the emancipation of educational and technological capabilities through crypto token innovation is our way.

The major risk of our business would be regulatory and compliance risks. We will be leveraging well-established global network services to mitigate some of these risks; as our activity reaches the global space, we seek local experts from respective corners of the world where we have participants that share our common purpose. In addition, we plan to hire a senior compliance officer early on to ensure our platform is compliant with all regulatory requirements.

This project is proud to be the first to integrate historical realities of the slave era with modern fintech solutions based on cryptocurrency, while the first crypto company to create a smart-educational-self-sustaining modern farming community.


We will harness the flexibility of social media by employing an agent to advertise on social platforms and online crypto forums. A significant amount of our budget may be targeted towards advertisement and content creation purposes. In addition, we could adopt a user referral program within the ecosystem to acquire new users.

The simplicity of the mining methods, employing just an app on a smartphone will also attract more partners.


Phase 1:

0 to 1 million users; This phase will be an invite-only journey where a user will be able to invite other friends and family to this ecosystem. We have set up an invite code verification system on the app to prevent unauthorized use of the ecosystem and check duplicates.

Phase 2:

1 million users to 10 million users. To ensure the optimum utilization of resources, we will introduce a verification system for every new user in this phase. Dormant accounts with inactivity for over 3 months will be sent notifications so that active users dedicated to our cause can keep growing with the platform.

Phase 3:

In the journey from 10 million users to 100 million users or more, we would aim to expand the ecosystem to get the maximum value for their HBCU(R) coins through various deals and discount offers provided by African-American-owned businesses. We will be looking to partner with African-American-owned businesses in all genres, which in turn can increase the footfall for their business as well as grow the HBCU ecosystem to a complete earn-spend-earn ecosystem.  The identity verification will be taken to a much-advanced level where users will be subjected to activity reviews periodically to prevent misuse of the whole ecosystem.

To make the currency value, we have designed the network to only consist of invited users who can, in turn, expand to a complete ecosystem of earn and spend.


The total availability of HBCU(R)® will be 900 million available on the platform. The distribution of the currency under the ecosystem will be as follows:

Financial Digital Asset ecosystem (Business Development plans for the company of HBCU)

The value generated from the platform will be utilized as per the following structure:




The first-quarter of 2022

Post-development and Transition-

We are now reaching our first milestone of 100k users within the eco-community. We are getting prepared to deploy more innovations and advancements such as our staking wallets, as well as the KYC user platform. HBCU has also added POS to our POW platform technology. As the new technology of POS opens new doors for our community, we intend on migrating over to this platform as well.

We have and will continue to use our mobile mining platform as the flexibility offered by this participation is the key to our success. Now we will begin to transition into the blockchain in a 3-phase transition. We are first, moving from mobile mining to staking wallets for all our members as we open on the blockchain. Next, build our value in our POS platform. Then finally, moving out our POW blockchain as we develop our exchange. Members, as well as the open public we are able to purchase our tokens, then our coins.

The third-quarter of 2022

Integration of Additional intelligent contract platforms-

By the third quatre of 2022, We will begin work on the subsequent development of our Blockchain “Multi-level Marketing Project.” When this platform is finally deployed, we will offer all our participants within the ecosystem the opportunity to upgrade to marketing members. This advancement provides all the utilities and flexibility provided by the mobile mining platform; that is; Our HBCU members will be able to do the ery same thing they are doing on our mobile mining app but earn “commission rates” of valued HBCUR tokens in the process. HBCU will also be working on our mission of healing by creating a “Mental Health Insurance Blockchain,” this technology will assist in revamping a very old outdated system, in helping private practice small businesses and mental health agencies of not having to wait on delayed payments from the insurance industry for services completed. Lastly, we will also be introducing our blockchain crowdfunding and blockchain pooling to help business startups coming into the blockchain community.

The first-quarter of 2023

Transition into the Green community

HBCU will be transitioning into the green sector, the first crypto company to create a smart-educational-self-sustaining modern farming community. We are very excited about this venture and hope to duplicate this model globally to help areas that need life quality resources in this sector.


In conclusion, the digital currency sector is long overdue for reforms, innovations, and mutual integration. It is, therefore, our dream to catch up with new dynamics in the digital payment world by integrating historical concerns and mental health care with the crypto tokens.

Excellent service attracts users, but better customer service relations keep them as long-term partners. Our platform will offer a good customer service system and FAQs section for a quick reference guide. Our investors are guaranteed an excellent yield on investment as the value of our token multiplies. We offer all these together with a mining platform that is easy to use for both new and existing cryptocurrency users, and the reward system granted to early-bird investors is an excellent story on the whole.

HBCU will revolutionize the crypto world in ways that are never seen before. We are open to new innovative ideas aimed at the betterment of service delivery to all participants within our ecosystem. The use of token coins generally is becoming popular, but a safer and more stable coin within a friendly ecosystem and user-friendly interface is still relatively rare.